20 Facts of Life Everyone Must Know

Nobody in this world is perfect. However, you choose your direction in life. Once you have chosen one road, its very hard to turn back. However, its not difficult torise up and above to continue moving on to a new track. Here are 20 facts thateveryone must know :

Fact # 1 : Everything in life is a lesson.There is an opportunity to learn from everything. And when youre faced with a hard situation,think about what you can learn from it and how you can benefit from it. Nothing should be totallybad, thats not the way is supposed to be. No ones life is perfect and no one turns out exactly theway they wanted or expected, but life shouldnt be a burden or something that you dread.

Fact # 2 : All decisions you make in life are so importantYoure only young once, so you should enjoy it, and you shouldnt be in such a hurry to grow up.What doesnt kill you makes you stronger and everything that you do and all of the decisionsthat you make, the big ones and the small ones, are all important.

Fact # 3 : You are the only one person to chooseYoure going to have to choose between a lot of things in your life. Sometimes it will be an easychoice, sometimes it will be hard. But remember that youre not alone and everyone goes throughwhat youre going through. Youll laugh and youll cry; youll get your heart broken at least once,and youll probably break someone elses heart at least once.

Fact # 4 : You have to help yourself along the road of lifeThere is such a thing as destiny and fate, but it only takes you so far. You have to helpyourself along the way. In life, the end product is certainly important, but its how you gotthere that matters the most. No one wants to look back on their life and regret half of thethings that they did.

Fact # 5 : Don't let anyone control or change your lifeGood things will happen to you and bad things will happen to you, but no matter what, dont letanything or anyone control or drastically change your life. Because its your life, youre the onewhos going to have to live it. And, sometimes, you really cant listen to what anybody else says,you just have to listen inside and follow your heart.

Fact # 6 : Experience everything that life offers youExperience everything. Ask questions; ask for the truth and the reality that comes with it, throughhonesty is the only way you will get to know a person and be able to step past the boundariesthat we all put up.

Fact # 7 : Learn from your own and people mistakesLearn from people mistakes, but more importantly know when it is ok to make your own, becauseno one will do everything right. Never hold back, even if you think you are wasting your time, therewill always be something to learn from any experience, it just depends on the way you look atthings.

Fact # 8 : Prepare for the uncertainty that will be happenedPrepare and expect the drama and uncertainty that comes with doing something different.Be ready for it, plan, and think of it as a personal challenge of your skills. If you can diffusea problem or cope with a situation that might seem out of control to others, then you mayhave already won a battle.

Fact # 9 : Keep a positive attitudeDo not wallow in your own frustrations and poor luck. People do not want to be with losers;by always portraying your own self-pity you will push away the people that will really beable to help you.

Fact # 10 : Don't let people judge you on one mistakeDont let people judge you on one mistake. Put the past behind you, but dont forget it. Somepeople tell you things that theyre gonna do and then they dont. Forget them. If they show upten years later- screw them. They dont care. Theyre fakes. They might tell you that they likeyou but they dont care.

Fact # 11 : Even the toughest people have problemsDont let people judge you for it though. Even the toughest people have problems. Dont be afraidof something unless youve experienced it before. If youre afraid of something and you do itanyway, it can only make you stronger.

Fact # 12 : Don't give up on something you believe inListen to other peoples advice, but dont always take it. Dont give up on something you believein. Voice your opinion and someone might change their mind because of something you said. Ifnot, its still what you believe in and you can think whatever you want.

Fact # 13 : Be happy with who you are and what you doBe happy with who you are and what you do, and you can do anything you want. Have fun. Takerisks and be daring sometimes, but dont get out of control with it. Dont be serious all the time anddo something exciting just because it sounds wild. Do what you think is right. Dont let peoplemake the decision of right or wrong for you, or you could find yourself in a lot of trouble.

Fact # 14 : Be different if you wantBe different. Do things differently than everyone else if you want. Wear what you want, talk howyou want, and listen to the music you like- not what everyone else likes. Be weird and dont careabout what people say because they shouldnt judge you on how you look. Show people that ifyou do something differently than the people around you, you can still be a good person.

Fact # 15 : Don't be perfect all the timeDont be perfect. If you live perfectly youll get bored. If youre always bored and alwaysdo the same thing everyday then why live? Try things you dont think youll like. You neverknow until you try.

Fact # 16 : Show people you are good enough and take itTake chances. Dont try to be good all the time. Live life on the edge. Dont ever let someonetell you youre not good enough. Show them you are good enough and then take it and shoveit back in their face. Then become friends so you can look back and laugh at yourselves.

Fact # 17 : Don't hate someone you don't knowIf you discover that you dont hate them, theyll probably hate you even if they dont say itto your face. Just the same, dont make someone hate you when they dont know you.Then when that person is just memories, youll regret it.

Fact # 18 : Don't take life for grantedYou only have so much time. Make your name known. Live life for all its worth. Take the giftsyou have and make them into something. Trust your heart to show you everything youll everneed. Then you can live. These things are what I think the meaning of life is. Sometimes Iwish I wouldve taken my own advice.

21. Fact #19:Be a role model, inspire, push and motivate peopleBe a role model, inspire, push and motivate people. Through others fortunes you will berepaid in some form or another even if it does not happen immediately, it will. If someoneelse becomes a better person due to your influence than you have both gained respectand gratitude from the situation.

22. Fact # 20: Above all be a good friendFriendship is the one thing that you will miss the most if it is taken away or lost. Alwaysbecome friends first this applies to every relationship you make. Always try to build thatbridge of friendship between people; without it, you are just going through the motions.Never, never burn bridges.

23. The person you are today couldnt exist if it werent for the things that have happened in the pastor for the people that you have met. Everything that happens in our life happens for a reason andsometimes that means we must face heartaches in order to experience joy. Learn these 20 factsand take action now my friends. You are only one person to choose your life!!!

24. Along our journey we will be confronted with many situations, some will be filled with joy, andsome will be filled with heartache.How we react to what we are faced with determines what kind of outcome the rest of our journey through life will be like. Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn

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